Retirement Readiness is Our Mission

Comprehensive Solution

Sponsors can offer participants a retirement readiness solution while meeting their fiduciary responsibility obligations.

Process & Efficiency

Improve process and increase efficiency by implementing a standard workflow and addressing the fiduciary duty services of sponsors.

Benefit & Education

Provide customized education to participants dependent on their retirement readiness qualification, providing a true 401(k) benefit.

There is a better way to prepare participants for retirement and reduce fiduciary liability. Contact us today to find out how.

Boardroom Services

Standard of (k)are™ focuses on retirement readiness while limiting the fiduciary liability of plan sponsors. We understand the shared responsibility between fiduciary and participant and have created a retirement plan management program that addresses those requirements.

Standard of (k)are™ follows the participants retirement readiness and standardizes and documents the process to drive and measure ultimate plan success.

  • Fiduciary Document Management

    Standard of (k)are™ is built by industry experts who understand the fiduciary and legal documentation requirements set forth by the Department of Labor. Keep all retirement plan and fiduciary risk management documents in one secure location. This improves workflow, efficiency and minimizes mistakes and liability.

  • Plan Activity Documentation

    The duty to act prudently is one of the fiduciary’s central responsibilities. Standard of (k)are™ enables this duty due to its standard activity and documentation process that is unlike anything else in the industry. It is the first tool that truly measures ultimate plan success through its retirement readiness and fiduciary focus providing advisor, sponsor and participant a clear demonstration of value over time.

  • Investment Committee Archive

    Many of the rules regarding a 401(k) plan, which your investment committee must know, stem from the Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA. By documenting investment committee meeting minutes, not only are all discussion points and actionable results captured, this important step reduces fiduciary risk substantially.

  • CRM

    Standard of (k)are™ incorporates a sophisticated client resource manager to track contact information, notes, documents, and other fiduciary and data management information for storage and retention of plan records and activities management.  This CRM also serves as a centralized database connecting the advisor with the sponsor, investment committee members, and participants.

Reduce liability: document everything. Standard of (k)are™ is a comprehensive retirement plan and fiduciary risk management solution.

  • Retirement Readiness of Participants

    A majority of workers underestimate their cost of living and the amount of savings that will needed be for them to live comfortably during retirement. Many don’t understand the implications and benefits of a 401(k).

    The comprehensive Standard of (k)are™ 401(k) retirement calculation considers current budget, outside factors, other sources of income, spouse information and future estimates to paint the participant’s realistic and holistic retirement readiness picture.

  • Participant Education Focus

    A participant’s retirement readiness depends on lifestyle choices and informed decisions.

    Many employers don’t provide their employees necessary information regarding retirement benefits, as a result most employees do not know enough about their 401(k) to make educated decisions about their future.

    Standard of (k)are™ aids Sponsors to easily educate and inform participants by following the application’s process and workflow.

Break Room Services

401(k) plan participants put trust in plan sponsors to oversee their retirement funds. However, most plan sponsors cannot report on the overall retirement readiness health of their plan participants.

Retirement readiness, or the participants’ ability to successfully retire, is one of the reasons Standard of (k)are™ was developed. Recognizing the responsibility of the fiduciary is the second.

Sponsors that use Standard of (k)are™ fulfill their fiduciary obligations while providing a better service for their participants.

Regular communication, critical major milestone checkpoints, and considering a participant’s entire financial portfolio into their 401(k) plan provides a true retirement readiness picture.