We Set the Standard for Fiduciary Services

Improve Communication

Manage 401(k) plans and track investment committee meetings improving advisor and participant communication.

Increase Participation

Participation rates have increased due to the value-added service that Standard of (k)are™ provides.

Increase Contribution

Advisors that use Standard of (k)are™ have increased 401(k) contribution rates.

Reduce risk and increase profit. Standard of (k)are™ is a comprehensive retirement plan and fiduciary risk management solution benefiting advisors and participants.

Fiduciary Services

Standard of (k)are™ is advisor driven and participant focused. It increases participant communication, plan contribution and participation rates, while reducing risk and liability for the fiduciary. It prepares 401(k) participants for retirement and improves operational efficiency of the fiduciary.

We have redefined the standard for fiduciary services and designed a provider agnostic application. This makes our solution the most comprehensive retirement plan management offering on the market.

  • Fiduciary Liability Reduction

    Liability in retirement plan advising is a difficult item to measure. Those advisors who do not adhere to a process and are not documenting their conversations are going to be under scrutiny and will most likely increase their anticipated liability. Standard of (k)are™ reduces the risk and standardizes the process.

  • Plan Investment Tracking

    Having the most accurate and up to date information is not by chance. Advisors that use Standard of (k)are™ as their retirement plan management solution are able to easily track essential financial information. This documentation and organization promotes diligence and integrity.

  • Plan Design Consulting

    Forecasting the future is not an exact science. However, the ability to design the appropriate retirement plan and monitor the status in one comprehensive summary is a requirement as a fiduciary. Standard of (k)are™ offers efficiency by summarizing the retirement plan design.

  • Investment Committee Workflow

    The Standard of (k)are™ tool documents and organizes every step of the plan management process and allows easier communication between advisors and your investment committee members.

As a fiduciary, we know your risks are high and responsibilities are great. We have built a solution to address retirement readiness and manage the fiduciary risk associated with it.

  • Retirement Readines Reporting

    With a keen focus on retirement plan preparedness, Standard of (k)are™ is easily able to report on the overall retirement readiness health of plan participants.

  • Participant Activity Documentation

    Understanding a participant’s risk profile to appropriately build the right 401(k) plan for them is essential at every stage in the retirement planning process. Managing and monitoring multiple risk profiles across employees, families, and companies requires all-inclusive technology platform like Standard of (k)are™.

Participant Services

Understanding a participant’s risk profile is an important first step in any retirement plan management solution. Documenting risk profiles with their risk tolerance is the differentiator.

Standard of (k)are™ is a retirement plan and fiduciary risk management solution. It’s built by retirement advisors who understand the need for a comprehensive solution to address the retirement readiness of participants while addressing the fiduciary duties of advisors and plan sponsors.

Find out how Standard of (k)are™ addresses advisor and participant retirement needs. Contact us to schedule a demo.