Retirement Readiness Tool For Advisors & Sponsors

Retirement Readiness Advisors

Built by industry experts for retirement advisors.

Standard of (k)are™, LLC was founded by Chris Krueger and Dan Helf, who are both retirement plan focused advisors. The product was created with the knowledge that the industry needed an overhaul from the boardroom to the break-room in facilitating the service of retirement plans, with the ability to help every participant generate a true picture of their retirement readiness.

Chris and Dan created SOK on the foundation that there were not enough resources available to help the masses, but there was a demand. They had to become more efficient, provide a higher level of service, and help aid positive change in people’s lives.

Helping participants reach their retirement goals.

The concept for Standard of (k)are™ was invented by Chris Krueger as a result of over 14 years in the industry combined with the need and vision to advance fiduciary services and participant assistance. By tracking participant plans, Chris was able to help those participants achieve success while documenting the planning and process that was necessary to continue reaching their retirement readiness goals.

The heart of the SOK program is to educate and service all responsible fiduciary parties, by defining and measuring overall plan success and helping participants reach their personal goals for retirement. Standard of (k)are™ is a retirement readiness tool for 401(k) advisors, plan sponsors and participants.

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